Monday, April 27, 2009

1st day..

HuUu.. finally i found my job edy but not dat kind i wan geh,
jz work n learn see how then lo.. hahaha..
2day is my 1st day of working and also my 1st job after step out from college..
wait so long now then get a job but nt suitable wif me.. haha..
so 1st day, jz some briefing from my boss then design something for cupcake for coming
exhibition n type invoice @.@.. lol.. learning new stuff..
oh! haven intro my company..
firstly i work at baker's choice, is a small company dat supply ingredient for baking cake, cookies, cupcake n bla bla bla for hotel, oversea n some client or customer..
actually my boss hired me as designer but oso marketing.. huUu..
the nex day gona goin out to meet client lo..
lol.. so damn miss college life.. haiz..
dat all la..
so tired.. gtg.. see u guys on 16th may.. n wish u guys luck ya..
take care n keep in touch!.. ^_^
n Happy birthday Cassie!!..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes or No?

today i received a call from a company, and the boss asked me when im free and goin to
interview by him.. so i told him today im ok..
few hours ago the boss met me at some place n interview me and no need to show any portfolio wo..
huUu.. i oso quite nervous dat duno wat will he asking me and dis is not formal interview wo, jz
have some chat with him.. bla bla bla..
so he told me dat he wanna hire me as SALES ASSISTANT! not designer!..
i been stunned by few second.. i really hav no idea why he wanna hire mr for dat position,
and dat time i tot i apply for wrong position.. but he told me dat his company nt really wanna hire designer but he need more sales person.. damn lo.. so he told me and explain everything to me bout the job n bla bla bla..
WT... i totally confuse now, totally different with wat i studied b4 in college, and dis job is about marketing stuff and not designing..
He also told me dat i will follow his marketing staff going out to meet client and bla bla bla.. i nt
really know bout marketing and sales stuff.. but i also will doing some designing part if needed la..
huUu.. now i really confuse whether wanna accept dis job o nt ler..
quite interesting la dis job, but it is a new begining for me to learn lo.. haiz..
i hav no idea rite now.. @.@