Friday, December 25, 2009

Pinky Pirate..

Merry Xmas EveryOne!!!!.. ^_^
u guys sure happy and enjoy yr Xmas day! and sure get many type or weird or special gift on Xmas day right?.. hahaha..
and here is mine!.. hehehe..

PiNky PiRate!!!.. =D

Dooodolls Baby..

Pinky Pirate..

lol.. hope u guys enjoy yr day! Merry Xmas 2009!!!.. ^_^

Monday, December 21, 2009


wow!.. sudah lama tarak update my blog lo.. sudah tumbuh spider web.. hahaha..
tak tau mau post ape la..
hmm.. everythings seems changes alot.. it already 4 months i didnt update my blog and
my 5th month of working in my company..
haiz.. everythings seems so fine but not for me.. dunno why.. seems like missing somethings..
and alwaz cant get wht i wan n cant focus wht am i doing.. haiz.. @.@
Christmas is coming soon, wish u guys merry chirstmas!!!.. enjoy ya!! leave a good memory and nt bad memory.. lol..
few weeks later gonna start new year soon! 2010!! new year new hope new life new me!.. lol..
hope everything going smooth lo.. =]