Friday, April 16, 2010


In last few day i was so confuse n so stress to decide my career and future..
day by day keep thinking and thinking and also asking for others people comment..
finally i get the answer!.. LEAVE!..
yea.. i have decide that i wanna leave and resign.. huUu.. really headache thinking
about those stuff.. sometimes i wonder why so hard to choose? coz greedy? lazy to care?
high demand? n bla bla bla.. NOPE! the answer is we scare to choose! scare dont know what
will happen next and for our future.. This feel of scare make us keep thinking and keep stress
and dont know which one better or should choose.. be human really hard.. everytime have to
decide something and got to choose..

Last tuesday i just gave resign letter and plan to leave soon. yea.. This things makes me suffer
and headache to choose one.. Lastly i choosing to Leave.. Hope i was choosing a right choice!..