Monday, November 8, 2010

3 weeks..

It's already 3 weeks..
Time flies really fast.. fast till everything had changed and happened..
3 weeks!.... this remind me that i been take care of him and bring him for medical check up, accompany him at hospital, after work straight went to visit him every night but..... he already leave in just 3 weeks!..
haiz.. until now i still cant accept it and really hard for me to let go.. this is first time i facing those things..
everything happen so sudden.. I'm the last person who send him to hospital.. i'm really feel regret that i didn't spend the night with him before he leave.. after few hours we received a call from a doctor and inform us that he been passed away few min ago.. everyone have been shocked with the news and started to cried especially my mum and she keep blaming "why he left so fast!"
my bro and i was heading to the hospital and collect his body but we hope that wasn't him..
after reaching the hospital, the doctor bring me to the place they keep his body..
my bro was scared and keep praying while i was trying to untied the rope and open the blanket......
and it was him!.. damn it!.. my heart so hurt and my tears drop... oh gosh!.. it was him! how come!!!.. i cant accept was him!!.. my mind was totally blank and keep on blaming... why?? why???!!!... why u left so fast!!.. i can feel he leave with painful and without anyone beside him...

Haiz.... i know i cant do anything, he already leave us.. i just can bless him have a good journey..
the feel is really different.. the feeling is so painful when someone u love had leave u.. yea, im tough but i still cant accept it.. even my brother and sisters..
everything had changed, now he already gone and i'm gonna take over all his stuff..

Today i went to his working place to collect his things and salary which his boss gave him as a sincere that he been help and work for this company for 4 yrs.. then i spend some time to have a chat with his colleagues and they told me that they still miss him and cant used to it that he was not around and feel the atmosphere was different without him.. what gonna do? his life so short..

U are always the best DAD of mine! miss u DAD.. we will always keep u in our HEART!..
R.I.P DAD!..

please love everyone around u.. do appreciate what u have now and try so spend most of the time with your love one, try to say sorry if u hurt them and thanks them for helping u and dont keep anything in the heart and try forgive if they did wrong.. the most important things is HEALTH!.. do love yourself, stay away from unhealthy things and LOVE your LIFE!..
"Life only pass us once, today's moment becomes tomorrow's memory. Enjoy every moment, good or bad, coz the gift of life is life itself"
Take care everyOne.. =]