Thursday, October 30, 2008

bad Luck!!

really bad luck la this month, too many bad thing happen to me.. haiz..
TBR road..
time about 2pm something..
i juz met an accident..
wch and i went to fish's hse to find him eat lunch together..
when on the way from Utar gate to TBR, wch saw a girl..
then he try to flirt dat girl, then suddenly my motor feel not
balance and v fell down.. shit.. like dat accident happen jo..
wch fell to nex road but me kena 'Kiap' by my motor..
wuwuwu.. so luckily no car on dat time..
if gt.. sure v stil here.. hahaha..
both of us laugh non stop.. i also duno wat so funny..
wch 1st time met an accident but he seems like so happy..

here some of the picture of accident.. =(



dat all for my story..
*but really sorry dat cant celebrate kelvin's 21st birdDay..
happy birdDay!! hehehe..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Argghhh!! Help! help!!..
my hand gt cut..
so many blOod!!
ouch! ouch! ouch!..


somebody call 911 pls..
cant stop bleeding..

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We are the Champion!!!
eh!! I am the Champion!!.. hehehe..
Geng ler.. 1st time won so many medal!!

No la.. actually is Tug Of War (male) ChampiOn!!
SSSH Intra-School Sport Carnival 2008/2020!!..

Here is the picture that v all posing after won the
Tug Of War match!!
ermm.. btw camie is our manager!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

AML2 Timetable..

MOn - 2-4pm (L)
Tue - 1-2pm (P)
2-3pm (T)

Dat all for our final sem timetable.. 2 class in 1 week..
really a few time for us to meet lo.. HuUu..
anyway good luck to u guys in fiNaL!!.. yeah!!..
See ya on MoN.. ^_^

Friday, October 3, 2008

Melaka Trip..

HuUu.. juz come back from Melaka trip few day ago..
wow! dis time went there eat so much lo.. i think
now is the time to keep fit and do exercise lo..
hahaha.. + the weather damn hot.. here some of the
food v took during at melaka.. hehehe..

chicken rice ball.. nice ler..

nyonya dumpling.. look like poison food.. hehehe..

weather damn hot, eat cendol lo..
Nyonya Durian cendol! damn nice lo.. muz try it!! hehehe..
yeah.. i found my shop at melaka.. hahaha..

satay celup.. yummy..

our breakfast.. so delicious lo..

wow!! so many food lo.. hahaha.. our dinner.. eat like hell..
eat till damn full..