Saturday, March 21, 2009

21 march 2009!!..

21st March 2009!.. it is my birthday and also my special day!..
hahaha.. getting old 1 yr again.. huUu..
im here to thanks everyone for wishing me, celebrate for me, sending sms to wish me,
leaving comment for me, sing song for me, giving me gift, giving me a kiss, giving me a hug,
treat me eat, wish me at Plurk, have fun with me, laugh with me, and everything..
i really apprieciate it! thx very much everyone!..
Happy Birthday to ME n also those who born same day with me!.. ^_^

Friday, March 20, 2009

WTH!! hahaha..

waAhh eeEEe oOooO YeEer.. erm erm..
Today went to Green Box with soZai gang, hUu.. so long didnt hang out with those soZai gang edy.. hahaha..
actually they invite me go sing K is to celebrate my 22nd's birthday..
sob sob..
thx very much guys! i know it is last min plan, but i also happy with it and i will appreciate
wht u guys done for me.. *and i will remember wht i did last nite! ngek ngek ngek..

Tadaa.. my birthday cake!..

after that wht happen ler..
they gave me a gift.. This gift Very Special 1.. 1st time get THIS gift in my lifetime.. kakaka..
but i duno How to use it, i mean keep it for decoration? and how to keep it.. coz GAL know 1 la.. hahaha.. if guy keep those thing GAL sure think dat guys gt Problem or what what lo.. wuwuwu..
it damn funny but i so MALu ler..
uUuu.. i wonder that everyone sure so curious and wanna know what is it ler..
guess la everyone..
hehehe.. wana know wht is dat?
Gal like to wear 1 lo.. hahaha..
i been stunned when Joshua take it out from his bag n gave it to me!..
i have no idea hw to do with it!.. kakaka..
then ler..
wht they plan to do with me after dat..
haizz.. so pity me been played by them.. wuwuwuwu..

wuwuwu.. they call me to wear it n stand in the middle..

and then call me dance.. waaaa...

Haiz.. mou min kin yang ar.. hahaha..
then joshua and i took a picture with my SPECIAL gift!..
sei yan tao..

Next station, we went to Kim gary to eat dinner!..
V took a group picture before take order..
then everyone so bz with choosing foods and drinks from the menu,
like hungry ghost since my birthday so i pay half of the bill.. kakaka.. =P

HuUu.. damn full and so happy with the celebration.. hope still can celebrate 2gether
again in our future and same gang and with u guys gf!!.. hahaha.. thx very much guys! i really enjoy it.. keep in touch ya..
oh ya.. b4 i end, i wana gv u guys some cute picture in my last post..

cute ler.. like twin bro.. kakakaka...
see ya..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Early Celebration..

It been long time i didnt update my blog edy.. hahaha..
it about 1 month jo.. haiz..
last few days Loong, Jacob, HonMun, jaykin and winnie was
celebrate my 22 yrs bday, it was early celebration.. sob.. really surprise
and touch.. actually on that day v plan to watch movie, after dat go yumcha..
so v went to Four Happy Seasons Restaurant.. environment not bad, good to
have some drinks n chat there =)

after that i went to toilet.. hahaha.. something happen..
their toilet really special, cant find the door and no handle..
jz push the door but their door look like wall..
then i been laugh by other ppl coz i cant find the toilet door =.=
malunye... but really creative lo.. hahaha.. if u wana know hw it
look like? go n have a look on it..

After that i bek to my seat, then suddenly that staff turn off the light..
that time i feel so weird why so early close geh and keep lookin on the
time and....

tadaa.. actually they bring in the cake for me..
sob sob.. i was so surprise..

posing with my cake! cheeessseee..^_^

My 22 yrs old cake!

V taking group photo b4 cut n eat cake!..
really surprise and sweet memory.. =)

Time flies really fast, like dat also 22 yrs old jo..
Everything changes and many things also happen and past..

It reminds me when i was graduate time on 17th,
everyone was so happy on the showcase, and it was our last day and
the biggest day of our college life.. after that everyone start missing on
each others since it was our last day n 4 yrs knowing each others then
v planning to have last gathering at Neway.. everyone cried..

CNY - v planning to go everyone house bai nian.. 1st stop is start from my hse,
since im d leader ma =P then HonMun's hse, Dg's hse, Sum's hse, Kim's hse, wch's hse?
time not enough so v straight goin to Jp's hse then went to Klang.. Klang is fish &
Balitong's hse.. and the last stop is camie's hse..

Blogger + Plurk fren - hahaha.. this time is goin bai nian at Blogger and Plurk fren hse.. a big gang from Utar, Blogger, Plurk, n Ktar.. so happy and knew some new fren..

Ms. Teng hse - huU.. Ms. Teng was our lecturer and edy guide us from Diploma sem 5, Animation subject til now.. V seems like her kai Chai n Lui.. =) so V plan to bai nian ms. Teng's hse and v get double angpao from har.. hahaha.. thx..

CNY over - planning for last and college life plan b4 working.. normal lo, Duckies plan.. 6 of us went to Pulau Langkawi.. fuUu.. really spend so much lo.. waaa.. damn cheap those chocolate!
i edy spend money on chocolate n wine oni lo.. enjoy oso nt so much.. actually it quite fun la..

AML trip - another trip is KUKUP.. yeah.. really pok kai lo.. this time is goin to KUKUP with
aml gang and it was our 1st time trip with coursemate.. V snap picture, sing K, play mahjong,
play black jack, bbq n hav some mini games.. quite fun play with u all, hope can play again nex
time.. ^_^ after that v went to jonker walk to eat famous ABC and dinner..

genting plan - HuUu.. trip again! hahaha.. this time is goin genting to play theme park.. as usual lo, with duckies gang.. hehe.. so satisfied lo this time, at least every station gt open.. most happy is that water boat, damn wet all.. kakaka.. really sweet memory..

I'm very happy to know U all in my life.. im so enjoy.. hope v still got chance to meet n hang out again.. hahaha.. keep in touch guys! and good luck in ur future!!! wish those goin to UK, score a good result and for those working, hope u guys find a good job n happy alwaz.. =)

Haiz.. everything over and past.. No more entertainment.. it time to step on career life..