Sunday, November 2, 2008


YoO.. juz back from Genting, so Tired lo..
Hmm yesterday went Genting Highland wif my mum, sis and my bro-in-law..
juz went there for fun and stay 1 nite.. hahaha..
WOW! so happy lo, yesterday was my 1ST time and 1ST day enter n step into CASINO!!
yeah!!.. really so excited when enter CASINO, but dat security didnt check my ic wo..
so big lo dat Genting's Casino.. wow! so many ppl lo, all also aunty uncle.. all ppl bz gambling..
but for me they really crazy gamble, can sit n gamble 24 hours even lose jor oso duwan leave stil bet.. kakaka..
but most hated is those ppl like to smoke amd make the hall like heaven.. pUuu..
once enter the Casino, my bro-in-law bring me around the casino n have a look..

this is only picture dat i took when my bro-in-law was playing
this machice call "Hot shot".. hehehe..
sound so funny..

beside dat, before went to Casino, i went to arcade n spend rm20 to play
oni basketball machine and i get this---
i get this ticket once i score high.. try guess hw many ticket i get??..
hehehe.. dun gt shock ya,
i get 387 in total.. kakaka..
but nth for me to redeem geh.. all those cacat gift geh.. =P
hUu.. damn Tired..