Wednesday, December 31, 2008


wuwuwu.. damn Tired and damn pain whole body..
juz now woke up and my whole body damn pain lo.. the most pain
is my hand.. wuwuwu.. feels like juz bek from sport.. hehehe..
huUu.. long time didnt do clubbing edy.. Yesterday went Quattro
to celebrated penny's bday and have some fun wif my classmate..
hurm.. yesterday is my 1st time goin to quattro, 4 season club and
v enter Autumn, lounge.. ermm.. nt bad lo, but so few ppl dance juz
our gang dance oni.. hahaha.. so bad no chance to take a look on winter
bar.. nex time wana try on it.. hahaha.. who interested??? hehe..
anyway happy New Year to u all.. cheer!!
and happy birdDay Penny!!

Xchange Gift + Clubbing..

yahOo.. my plan again success.. hahaha.. 30.12.2008, Tuesday, i
planned to have a exchange gift session with all my classmate n along
my lecturer ms Teng.. since dis year is our last year in our college life
of christmas day, but it already over and dun hav feel but i juz plan to have
some fun with all my classmate n hav some exchange gift.. anyway im so
happy and thx to ur all guys for joining dis exchange gift session even i gt a
*lucky gift from Jacob.. kakaka..

here is the pic before start our exchange gift session..

almost over half of my classmate was join.. not bad..
and this is my gift..


real bread?? do u guys saw it b4? hahaha..

it is a fake bread, but really loOks like real..
but d funny things is my fren, FISH is luckies person dat
choosen my gift.. kakaka.. sorry Fish, im nt mean to
make u, i juz play fun oni but i cant believe dat u really
eat it.. i tot u noe it is fake ma.. sorry.. muackz.. ^_^
overall, im so happy dat 2day is my last yr n day of Belated
christmas day, juz small celebration wif my classmate..
anyway keep in touch!!.. sob sob.. gona graduate soon..
good luck in FYP..
damn tired now..
to be continue.. hahaha..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

MeRRy Xm@s!!

HuUu.. juz back from my brother's hse, juz a simple party held
at his house while celebrated Christmas.. hahaha..
wow!! damn full lo.. 1st time ate so many food.. i juz ate 3 burger, 3 pizza,
2 can 100+, kfc and cake.. wahahaha.. fat lo.. =P
and this is my 1st time eat so many choice of fast food!.. hehehe..
gt pizza, kfc, mcD, and kenny roger.. huUu.. damn damn full now, gona
make cake soon.. kakakaka..
nex round where??.. hehehe..
dat all for my celebration of christmas day.. hw bout urs??..
hehehe.. wish u all merry Christmas!! n happy new year!!..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

lucky draw..

huUu.. juz back from Recycling campaign at college..
*im nt too free goin to dat campaign lo, but terpaksa 1 =p
aiya, haven done my personal web.. die lo..
let it 1st la.. hahaha..

last fews day my fren (chee kin, loOng, sean, Mun, joshua and camie) n i
went to APR2 & AMS2's recycling campaign, v juz look around their booth
but actually is support my fren la (winn, small duck) since she call us to come..
then v guess some quiz and got a gift.. not bad lo..
at dat time loong n 1 was guessing a quiz dat hav to count total of the bottle dat
decorated.. it really easy but lastly i been choosen as a lucky draw winner!! yeah..
hahaha.. damn lucky, but loong so pity cant get anything..

btw im so happy dat i been choosen as a lucky draw winner! kakaka..
2day about 1pm something i recieved a call from a unknown number n she
inform me dat i have won a lucky draw winner for guessing a quiz from
Recycling campaign n dat time i was nt awake n stil blur blur.. hahaha..

here is my lucky draw hamper!!

those tupperware gift.. not bad not bad.. wahahaha..

christmas is coming soOn lo.. wish all of u a merry christmas!!!
n good luck to our FYP too..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coming soOn..

" The Ripper"
coming soon on this winter... hahaha..

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Happy BirdDay mr wOo cHee Kin, JayKin, Old Duckin, and Gaykin!!..
match ler.. hahaha..
wish all ur Dream cOme True, happy Alwaz and stay Healthy!!..
Keep In Touch!!..

Friday, December 5, 2008


no mOod at all..