Friday, December 25, 2009

Pinky Pirate..

Merry Xmas EveryOne!!!!.. ^_^
u guys sure happy and enjoy yr Xmas day! and sure get many type or weird or special gift on Xmas day right?.. hahaha..
and here is mine!.. hehehe..

PiNky PiRate!!!.. =D

Dooodolls Baby..

Pinky Pirate..

lol.. hope u guys enjoy yr day! Merry Xmas 2009!!!.. ^_^

Monday, December 21, 2009


wow!.. sudah lama tarak update my blog lo.. sudah tumbuh spider web.. hahaha..
tak tau mau post ape la..
hmm.. everythings seems changes alot.. it already 4 months i didnt update my blog and
my 5th month of working in my company..
haiz.. everythings seems so fine but not for me.. dunno why.. seems like missing somethings..
and alwaz cant get wht i wan n cant focus wht am i doing.. haiz.. @.@
Christmas is coming soon, wish u guys merry chirstmas!!!.. enjoy ya!! leave a good memory and nt bad memory.. lol..
few weeks later gonna start new year soon! 2010!! new year new hope new life new me!.. lol..
hope everything going smooth lo.. =]

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy 52nd merdeka Day!!!..

Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!!..
lol.. this year quite silence and no feel at all.. and no celebrate, better stay at home from H1N1! hahaha..
huUu.. its already one year that i create my blog, ' happy birthday to my blog and dyi chee too!!' hahaha..
haiz.. i had viewed back my 1st blog, joshua was helping me create this blog, *thx ya* lol..
That day i was celebrating merdeka eve at fish house with some of my classmate!.. really enjoy that time and the next day v went to klang to celebrate Dyi chee's bday n also ate Klang's bak kut teh!-one day trip!.. haha.. NICE!!.. it was a memorable day for me! ^^
have a nice day everyone!!.. enjoy your day! =)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bla Bla Bla..

HuUu.. damn fast lo.. now already 3rd week of July..
Finally i get my job already since from last month till now, keep searching and waiting and waiting and went to some interview but mostly all failed..after that i received a call from ***** company n been ask to come for interview..after interview just wait for call whether gt hire o nt the next day i received a call again from the company n told me that they hire me as video editor n ask me when can start work!
wow!! feels so surprise and that time i was sick and simply accept the job.. so....Today is my 2nd day of working..Nothing special, the 1st day went lunch with boss, no 1 bully me lol..
In this 2 days i juz spend whole day on9 n looking for some tutorial, and some of my colleague was playing pc games! fuyoo... damn yeng!.. hahaha..damn free this week and no prj receive yet but coming week mayb will more busy dy.. lol..
Hope everything will fine.. and wish u guys those who was working, study at UK, and all of u good luck!!.. no matter wht happen just take it easy!!.. ^_^

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


today 30 june 2009!.. nth special, just a normal day..
Feels so bored... just stay like useless day by day and looking for vacancy..
Haizz.. i cant believe my life so sux.. i really have no idea wht gonna do next..
i keep thinking.. thinking... and thinking.... and thinking..... and thinking.........
wht is the problem!.. i still cant solve it n gt the answer..
i really hav no idea..
HaizZz.. Damn it!!..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

1 month..

HuUu.. time flies really damn fast.. it already 1 month that i work for this company and also my 1st job after step out from College Life.. but this week will be my last day to work at here.. hahaha.. wo weird rite?.. me myself also have no idea on it..
haiz.. so miss all the moment with my fren and college fren.. everything also changes.. and it already 1 week they leave and went to UK.. damn syok, but so wasted i don't have any chance like them.. so i wish u guys good luck la and for those who didn't go UK too.. sob sob.. hahaha..

Saturday, May 9, 2009


wuwuwuwu.. Yesterday i bring my pendrive to office and wanna transfer
something.. but something happened..




wuwuwuwu.. really damn sad la.. when my colleagues pass by my pc,
and he accidently Tersangkut ( by his leg) my pendrive out from my pc!!...
waaaaaaa!!!!!.... i been stunned few second when i saw my pendrive naked jor!!
wuwuwuwu.. i been using my pendrive for 4 yrs jor ler.. damn sad.. and worst things
is all the files inside my pendrive all GONE!! wuwuwu..
anyone got any idea of my pendrive? still can help ma?..
wuwuwu.. wish u rest in peace..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Labour Day..

HuUu.. wOrk so tired, it should have some Holiday for us to relax
n Hang Out!.. hahaha.. yea! Labour Day!.. Me, FeiHung, FeiMok and
FeiSteve went to times square to watch Movie since FeiHung invite 1 coz
he gonna start work on Monday n dis is his last day to hang out with us..
sound like he wanna go jo.. kakaka.. so v watch this Movie!

X-men origins : wolverine

yeng dao.. This movie really not bad!.. the wolverine so yeng lo
especially when he jump down from the moutain and run pass by two
oldman.. kakaka.. =P
but i more prefer Gambit! hahaha.. i rate 8.5/10

Joshua's bday celebration..

yO.. Last month on 09.04.09 wow! nice number! Me, Mun, wch,
mok_ku n camie was celebrated joshua's ( feishua) birthday at saisaki!.. =P
uUu.. sound nice ler.. kakakaka.. damn yeng ar!..
actually v planning to gv him surprise with reach there early n ask
camie to bring joshua after dat.. but.. mission failed.. nt my fault ya!..
lets me start my story when i was in saisaki japanese buffet!.. hehe..
wow!!.. dat time me n mok reach there early n v enter 1st lo..
wuuuuu.. i feel like in food heaven.. kakaka.. all their food so fresh especially
Unagi n Fresh Salmon!waa... damn delicious n nice.. eat damm full dat time n
feel like my stomach wanna "letup" kakaka.. n got some1 vomit.. hehe..
*guess who is dat.. hehehe..
so after dat v take a small piece of cheese cake gua for joshua as the bday cake..
hehehe.. lucky no buy big 1.. haha..

ironshua poshing with the cake!.. ur cake so small geh? hehe..

a group photo b4 v leave.. "fei gang".. kakaka..
guess who is the leader of fei gang.. lol..

after finished eat, nope is everyone full giler.. kakaka.. so V
went to Paviliion to watch movie..
watch "pantas & garang" kakaka..
dat all for 09.04.09

let me introduce our fei gang.. lol.. some of them no attend, jz
dis few 1st.. hehe..

Top from left to right: FeiMok, FeiHung (leader), FeiShua..
Bottom from left to right: FeiD, ironsou, and FeiMun..

extra: FeiSteve, FeiFish, FeiPengPeng.. =D

Monday, April 27, 2009

1st day..

HuUu.. finally i found my job edy but not dat kind i wan geh,
jz work n learn see how then lo.. hahaha..
2day is my 1st day of working and also my 1st job after step out from college..
wait so long now then get a job but nt suitable wif me.. haha..
so 1st day, jz some briefing from my boss then design something for cupcake for coming
exhibition n type invoice @.@.. lol.. learning new stuff..
oh! haven intro my company..
firstly i work at baker's choice, is a small company dat supply ingredient for baking cake, cookies, cupcake n bla bla bla for hotel, oversea n some client or customer..
actually my boss hired me as designer but oso marketing.. huUu..
the nex day gona goin out to meet client lo..
lol.. so damn miss college life.. haiz..
dat all la..
so tired.. gtg.. see u guys on 16th may.. n wish u guys luck ya..
take care n keep in touch!.. ^_^
n Happy birthday Cassie!!..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes or No?

today i received a call from a company, and the boss asked me when im free and goin to
interview by him.. so i told him today im ok..
few hours ago the boss met me at some place n interview me and no need to show any portfolio wo..
huUu.. i oso quite nervous dat duno wat will he asking me and dis is not formal interview wo, jz
have some chat with him.. bla bla bla..
so he told me dat he wanna hire me as SALES ASSISTANT! not designer!..
i been stunned by few second.. i really hav no idea why he wanna hire mr for dat position,
and dat time i tot i apply for wrong position.. but he told me dat his company nt really wanna hire designer but he need more sales person.. damn lo.. so he told me and explain everything to me bout the job n bla bla bla..
WT... i totally confuse now, totally different with wat i studied b4 in college, and dis job is about marketing stuff and not designing..
He also told me dat i will follow his marketing staff going out to meet client and bla bla bla.. i nt
really know bout marketing and sales stuff.. but i also will doing some designing part if needed la..
huUu.. now i really confuse whether wanna accept dis job o nt ler..
quite interesting la dis job, but it is a new begining for me to learn lo.. haiz..
i hav no idea rite now.. @.@

Saturday, March 21, 2009

21 march 2009!!..

21st March 2009!.. it is my birthday and also my special day!..
hahaha.. getting old 1 yr again.. huUu..
im here to thanks everyone for wishing me, celebrate for me, sending sms to wish me,
leaving comment for me, sing song for me, giving me gift, giving me a kiss, giving me a hug,
treat me eat, wish me at Plurk, have fun with me, laugh with me, and everything..
i really apprieciate it! thx very much everyone!..
Happy Birthday to ME n also those who born same day with me!.. ^_^

Friday, March 20, 2009

WTH!! hahaha..

waAhh eeEEe oOooO YeEer.. erm erm..
Today went to Green Box with soZai gang, hUu.. so long didnt hang out with those soZai gang edy.. hahaha..
actually they invite me go sing K is to celebrate my 22nd's birthday..
sob sob..
thx very much guys! i know it is last min plan, but i also happy with it and i will appreciate
wht u guys done for me.. *and i will remember wht i did last nite! ngek ngek ngek..

Tadaa.. my birthday cake!..

after that wht happen ler..
they gave me a gift.. This gift Very Special 1.. 1st time get THIS gift in my lifetime.. kakaka..
but i duno How to use it, i mean keep it for decoration? and how to keep it.. coz GAL know 1 la.. hahaha.. if guy keep those thing GAL sure think dat guys gt Problem or what what lo.. wuwuwu..
it damn funny but i so MALu ler..
uUuu.. i wonder that everyone sure so curious and wanna know what is it ler..
guess la everyone..
hehehe.. wana know wht is dat?
Gal like to wear 1 lo.. hahaha..
i been stunned when Joshua take it out from his bag n gave it to me!..
i have no idea hw to do with it!.. kakaka..
then ler..
wht they plan to do with me after dat..
haizz.. so pity me been played by them.. wuwuwuwu..

wuwuwu.. they call me to wear it n stand in the middle..

and then call me dance.. waaaa...

Haiz.. mou min kin yang ar.. hahaha..
then joshua and i took a picture with my SPECIAL gift!..
sei yan tao..

Next station, we went to Kim gary to eat dinner!..
V took a group picture before take order..
then everyone so bz with choosing foods and drinks from the menu,
like hungry ghost since my birthday so i pay half of the bill.. kakaka.. =P

HuUu.. damn full and so happy with the celebration.. hope still can celebrate 2gether
again in our future and same gang and with u guys gf!!.. hahaha.. thx very much guys! i really enjoy it.. keep in touch ya..
oh ya.. b4 i end, i wana gv u guys some cute picture in my last post..

cute ler.. like twin bro.. kakakaka...
see ya..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Early Celebration..

It been long time i didnt update my blog edy.. hahaha..
it about 1 month jo.. haiz..
last few days Loong, Jacob, HonMun, jaykin and winnie was
celebrate my 22 yrs bday, it was early celebration.. sob.. really surprise
and touch.. actually on that day v plan to watch movie, after dat go yumcha..
so v went to Four Happy Seasons Restaurant.. environment not bad, good to
have some drinks n chat there =)

after that i went to toilet.. hahaha.. something happen..
their toilet really special, cant find the door and no handle..
jz push the door but their door look like wall..
then i been laugh by other ppl coz i cant find the toilet door =.=
malunye... but really creative lo.. hahaha.. if u wana know hw it
look like? go n have a look on it..

After that i bek to my seat, then suddenly that staff turn off the light..
that time i feel so weird why so early close geh and keep lookin on the
time and....

tadaa.. actually they bring in the cake for me..
sob sob.. i was so surprise..

posing with my cake! cheeessseee..^_^

My 22 yrs old cake!

V taking group photo b4 cut n eat cake!..
really surprise and sweet memory.. =)

Time flies really fast, like dat also 22 yrs old jo..
Everything changes and many things also happen and past..

It reminds me when i was graduate time on 17th,
everyone was so happy on the showcase, and it was our last day and
the biggest day of our college life.. after that everyone start missing on
each others since it was our last day n 4 yrs knowing each others then
v planning to have last gathering at Neway.. everyone cried..

CNY - v planning to go everyone house bai nian.. 1st stop is start from my hse,
since im d leader ma =P then HonMun's hse, Dg's hse, Sum's hse, Kim's hse, wch's hse?
time not enough so v straight goin to Jp's hse then went to Klang.. Klang is fish &
Balitong's hse.. and the last stop is camie's hse..

Blogger + Plurk fren - hahaha.. this time is goin bai nian at Blogger and Plurk fren hse.. a big gang from Utar, Blogger, Plurk, n Ktar.. so happy and knew some new fren..

Ms. Teng hse - huU.. Ms. Teng was our lecturer and edy guide us from Diploma sem 5, Animation subject til now.. V seems like her kai Chai n Lui.. =) so V plan to bai nian ms. Teng's hse and v get double angpao from har.. hahaha.. thx..

CNY over - planning for last and college life plan b4 working.. normal lo, Duckies plan.. 6 of us went to Pulau Langkawi.. fuUu.. really spend so much lo.. waaa.. damn cheap those chocolate!
i edy spend money on chocolate n wine oni lo.. enjoy oso nt so much.. actually it quite fun la..

AML trip - another trip is KUKUP.. yeah.. really pok kai lo.. this time is goin to KUKUP with
aml gang and it was our 1st time trip with coursemate.. V snap picture, sing K, play mahjong,
play black jack, bbq n hav some mini games.. quite fun play with u all, hope can play again nex
time.. ^_^ after that v went to jonker walk to eat famous ABC and dinner..

genting plan - HuUu.. trip again! hahaha.. this time is goin genting to play theme park.. as usual lo, with duckies gang.. hehe.. so satisfied lo this time, at least every station gt open.. most happy is that water boat, damn wet all.. kakaka.. really sweet memory..

I'm very happy to know U all in my life.. im so enjoy.. hope v still got chance to meet n hang out again.. hahaha.. keep in touch guys! and good luck in ur future!!! wish those goin to UK, score a good result and for those working, hope u guys find a good job n happy alwaz.. =)

Haiz.. everything over and past.. No more entertainment.. it time to step on career life..

Friday, January 23, 2009


We need Friends for many reasons,
all throughout the four seasons.

We need friends to comfort us when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on to treat us nice.

We need friends because we are social in nature
and having friends makes us feel secure.

We need friends to remember us once we have passed
sharing memories that will always last.

Friends Forever!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Accident 21.01.09

since everyone wana know how the accident happen rite,
so i put some picture to explain ya..
here d story of my 3rd times accident happen.. Damn..

lazy to explain lo.. i think u all understand gua.. hehehe..

dat all.. easy rite..
but end up i get more hurt than dat F**ker..
haiz.. and i stil help her tim..
hope will recover soon..
thx for everyone care!!
n wish u all happy Chinese New Year!!
see ya on "Chor 9"!!..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Haiz.. really bad luck la.. 2day when on d way goin bek
home from joshua's hse, i met an accident again..WtF la..
haiz.. wat a BAD day.. i tot 2day is my Happy day after
goin shopping wif Joshua, Mok n Mun and also my last day
hang out wif AMLer.. but suddenly unexpected accident
happen.. Haiz.. hw i gona celebrate cny!!.. wuwuwu..

Sunday, January 18, 2009


sob sob..
cant believe it so damn fast end our screening, college life, assignment life,
study life, exam life etc.. already 4 yrs lo.. wuwuwu.. damn miss all the
sweet memory wif those AMLers..

Haiz.. today is our screening day and also our graduation day.. hahaha..
i oso duno wat i feel now.. happy? sad? worry? miss? relax?..
hahaha.. sure happy la coz today is my screening and graduation day but
miss all AMLers.. but before leave we havin our last gathering at Neway..
hahaha.. so surprise and shock coz dis is 1st time goin out wif a gang of AMLers
and havin dinner while singing.. kekeke.. really touch guys and proud to be
AMLers!.. my mind keep thinking all the memory wif those AMLers..
i also gt drop few tear after read KIM's blog and when everyone leaving..
sob sob.. anyway keep in touch guys!!
and happy CNY!! hahaha..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

11 days to go..

huUu.. finally done liao 2 web, 1 is web Blog and another 1 is
personal web.. hahaha.. so happy dat 1st time post my personal
web post on the site.. kakaka.. really tired of it..
haiz.. 11 days to go.. everything is done and over, now is focus Final Year
project, which is our Biggest project in our course.. hope it can be done
on time and good lo.. stil worrying..
huUu.. another thing is gona graduate soon lo.. so miss those happy
moment wif college gang.. sob sob.. no more college life, gona change to
working life lu.. huhuhu..
anyway good luck guys!!..
see ya in 17th.. kampate!!..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2009!!..
bye bye 2008, welcome 2009!!
01.01.2009 a new begining.. hope everything going smooth..
yeah.. good luck everyone!..