Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bla Bla Bla..

HuUu.. damn fast lo.. now already 3rd week of July..
Finally i get my job already since from last month till now, keep searching and waiting and waiting and went to some interview but mostly all failed..after that i received a call from ***** company n been ask to come for interview..after interview just wait for call whether gt hire o nt lo..so the next day i received a call again from the company n told me that they hire me as video editor n ask me when can start work!
wow!! feels so surprise and that time i was sick and simply accept the job.. so....Today is my 2nd day of working..Nothing special, the 1st day went lunch with boss, no 1 bully me lol..
In this 2 days i juz spend whole day on9 n looking for some tutorial, and some of my colleague was playing pc games! fuyoo... damn yeng!.. hahaha..damn free this week and no prj receive yet but coming week mayb will more busy dy.. lol..
Hope everything will fine.. and wish u guys those who was working, study at UK, and all of u good luck!!.. no matter wht happen just take it easy!!.. ^_^