Sunday, January 10, 2010

I or M??

Haiz.. This few days i keep thinking and thinking about this problem..
I or M??.. which one should i choose?.. @.@
its really hard to choose and understand.. both also have different benefit and problem..

If i choose I, the problem is M will be low, its hard.. if want M more high, i need an E!..
E is important to us but we need T to gain E.. @.@

If i choose M, i need to makes sure it also got related with I.. another problem is 2nd M!
if dont have 2nd M, it will affect everything.. if we force ourself to get 2nd M and I
in the same time, we will get S!.. Shit!..

arggghh.. so blur.. @.@


Dragon said...

wat I and M lar , so susah to understand

vertexdesign said...

if i chose i sure chose ABC ,becos ABC sedap !! why wan chose i and m ?? keke ~