Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hello everyOne.. no update again.. lol..
Haiz.. time flies really fast... CNY jz over, looks like jz few days but i quite enjoy
this year CNY coz i won money in gamble but this year less 'Bai Nian' session to
my all dearest fren due to lack of time.. sienz... have to wait next year lo.. lol..
nth special happen recently, last few days i jz visit my fren's convo, everyOne looks
different dy, some got their own happiness, some gt their own target, some have their
own destiny... i can see every was growing up and changing but frenship stil there!..
keep in touch guys!.. ^_^
hUuu.. i already work 8 months in my company but still feel like got something left.. haiz..
everyday, everytime, everywhere i also keep thinking this things/stuff.. dunno why..

times keep moving, things keep changing, brain keep thinking, money keep spending, human
keep growing....... but me! i didnt feel any changes on myself.. haiz.....

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